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About Parts Matter™

Quality, Safety and Performance

You, your family members and anyone who rides in your vehicle are directly affected by the quality, safety and performance of the parts you and your mechanic choose. Those parts – whether for the steering and suspension, brakes, engine or other key vehicle system – play vital roles in helping to keep you safe and secure in all driving situations.

But wait, aren’t all replacement parts the same?

Great question...easy answer: Not at all. Leading manufacturers of premium branded replacement parts invest millions of dollars each year to design and test their products before offering them for sale. For example, when you or your vehicle service provider chooses premium auto parts by Federal-Mogul Motorparts, you can be certain that it has been designed and built to meet or exceed the standards established by the vehicle manufacturer. That means it won’t let you down when your safety is at stake.

Other, lesser quality parts might look and perhaps even fit like the originals, but there is no guarantee that the materials and processes used will provide the quality, safety and performance you need and expect.

Protect yourself. Ask questions.

When your vehicle needs a repair involving any safety-critical part, be sure to ask your parts provider or vehicle service professional a few key questions:

  • Which brand do you recommend?
  • Would you choose this part for your own vehicle?
  • Was it designed and built to provide the quality, safety and performance I expect?
  • Do you know and trust the manufacturer?

After asking these questions, you might be surprised to learn that the difference between a premium branded part – engineered and manufactured to help keep you safe and secure – and a lesser quality alternative is only a few dollars. Protect yourself, your family and friends by making sure that only quality parts are installed on your vehicle. Because when it comes to keeping you safe, Parts Matter™.

For more information about Federal-Mogul Motorparts, visit FMmotorparts.com.