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Real Customers. Real Stories.

Keep your vehicle running smoothly with quality auto parts. Check out these testimonials from real people just like you to learn why the type of auto parts you use MATTER.

Quality, Safety and Performance


Kris W.

As a racer dedicated to performance, nothing but the best will do. With a rich history in motorsports and a proven track record, I know I can trust the Federal-Mogul family of products to give an edge over the competition. Parts matter, and knowing that I'm staged up with Federal-Mogul parts gives me the confidence I need to know that my car can get the job done for me each and every pass.

Jim Harlow

It's been my experience after 51 years in business, and the last 45 doing undercar service, that MOOG Parts are finest you can buy.    

Ryan Tamura

The gaskets professionals trusts. I don't want to have to tear down my GM vehicle again, so I go with Fel-Pro. Never had an issue with install or comebacks when Fel-Pro has been used and it always lines up perfectly. Quality is top notch!


The ANCO contour wiper blade design is the best thing that has happened to wipers. But the additional metal end caps on these winter blades make them just heavy duty enough to handle our Nebraska winters!

Kenneth Skipper

Thanks to Fel-Pro, my 3100 got 354,241 miles before it outlived the car it was in.  


These Wagner Lighting bulbs replaced my weak factory fog lights in my Infinity G37. The car can see much farther than before and the light is a pure bright white!


The Catalyst for Enhancing
Performance in Every Type
of Engine.



I have Champion oil filters on all of my cars and they work great, are easy to install and keeps the oil clean and running smoothe. Will keep using these forever!    

Donnie S.

I am a general manager at a Harley-Davidson dealership. I have worked here for 16 years and have seen firsthand the difference of Champion Spark Plugs over every other brand. We have had no issues with the H-D branded Champion spark plugs. In contrast, we see many fouling and misfire issues with competitor’s plugs. I use the Champion brand in everything that I own. #PartsMatter


These Champion wiper blades have got to be some of the best I have ever used or seen…not too pricey. They work really well with snow, rain and whatever element I have gotten on my windshield.


The Next Generation in
Brake Technology.



Wagner OEbrakes are the ONLY brakes my company installs. Amazing stopping power and the venting system keeps them from getting too hot, so you get great life out of them. Definitely recommend to everyone. My #1 choice for brakes by far. 


I just installed the Wagner OEX brake pads on my 2008 GMC Envoy and I must say, I’m impressed! I’ve been a shop owner for over 40 years and this is one of the best brake pads I’ve used. My braking distance has been reduced quite a bit and the brake pedal feel is fantastic. This product should be the first choice for all SUV/Light truck applications where towing isn’t a priority.

Robert J.

I give NO choices, my family and friends get all MOOG and Wagner products on their repairs. Best products!


Problem-Solving Innovations
for Long Life and Increased



In my shop, MOOG ball joints are our number one choice for our customers. We never have comebacks or warranty issues. MOOG is miles ahead of other manufacturers in quality, performance, and reliability. MOOG is a brand you can trust. Recommend to all!


MOOG never fails me. I replaced the inner and outer tie rods and they provide everything needed. What a premium product!


I have always used MOOG chassis parts. They are quality made parts and they last forever! All of my trucks have had MOOG parts on them at one point or another.